Belarus Medical Faculties

If you are thinking of study medicine abroad than Belarus is one of the most affordable country for you.

Belarus Medical Universities offer the following medical course in Belarus. Once you decide to study medicine in Belarus,you are at right point as Belarus mbbs degrees are recognized worldwide institutions.

Faculty of General Medicine – The Faculty trains mainly specialists providing therapeutic, preventive, sanitary-educative and other forms of medical activity in the field of strengthening and preserving health, diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation, disease prophylaxis in adult population. The term of studies – 6 years.

Faculty of Military Medicine – Training at the Faculty is carried out for 6 years on the curriculum with thorough study of military medical disciplines in specialty “General Medicine”, specialization “Military General Medicine” and MD qualification. The faculty also accomplishes training of clinical residents in specialties: surgery, therapy, hygiene, epidemiology.

Pediatric Faculty – The faculty carries out training in four basic specialties: pediatrics, pediatric surgery, pediatric anesthesiology and reanimatology, pediatric gynecology and obstetrics. The graduates of the Pediatric faculty work as children’s allergologists, immunologists, neurologists, eye-doctors, endocrinologists, adolescents’ gynecologists, cardio-rheumatologists, oncohematologists. The term of study – 6 years.

Faculty of Preventive Medicine – The faculty of Preventive Medicine trains specialists for the practical disease-preventive service. The graduates of the Faculty specialize as hygienists and epidemiologists. They can work as virologists, bacteriologists, laboratory workers, pathologists, toxicologists, radiologists, dieticians, health care providers, research workers and teachers. The term of study – 6 years.

Pharmaceutical Faculty – The Faculty provides training in the speciality “Pharmacy” (specialization “pharmaceutist”). Term of study – 5 years.

Dental Faculty -The graduates of the Faculty receive the diploma of a dentist of general practice, and after appropriate specialization they can work as a dentist, orthopedist, orthodontist, pedodontist, dentist-surgeon, as well as maxilla-facial surgeon. The term of study – 5 years.

Medical Faculty for Foreign Students – Faculty prepares students in the following specialities: general medicine (6 years, up to the 3rd course studying in English may be provided), dentistry (5 years), preventive medicine (6 years), pharmacy (6 years). On the Preparatory Courses (1 year) students study the Russian language, physics, biology, chemistry. Depending on the results of an interview foreign nationals are admitted to the first course. All foreign students are provided with dormitories.

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